I didn't dream of becoming a photographer as a child. I wanted to be a travel writer.

I have a degree in Journalism from Bradley University (Peoria, IL).

I worked as a reporter for a year before falling in love with photography and quitting my day job.

I am a self-taught photographer.

I've been in business for six years.

I shoot both film and digital.

I have a natural light studio in my home (Roseburg, Ore.)


I grew up between Glide, Oregon and Southeast Alaska. 

I played Division I college softball.

I married my soulmate at age 24. We actually met in high school, but weren't allowed to date. Funny how things work out.

I have two beautiful children - Liam is 4 and Juno is 1.

I have a coffee addiction that is only rivaled by my shopping habit.

My husband restored a 1972 VW bus for my 26th birthday, which has affirmed my deepest desires to become a nomad and wear a lot of fringe.

Love her, but keep her